Sunday, May 24, 2015

Guildfest, RPA's, and Detainees, oh my!


It's been quite awhile since my last post. I do apologize. In my non-text based life, there were these pesky finals so I didn't have a LOT of time to make any posts.

Guildfest 416 is upon us! At its beginning, I had managed to save up a whopping 28 platinum Lirums. Which is next to nothing. I'm now scrambling to try and make four or five times that to get a few decent items to either keep or hold onto to sell later for a profit, or maybe both. 28 plat was enough to move out of the 'newbie clothing' and into something more... sophisticated. And by sophisticated, I mean a dusky purple travelling cloak with a whimsical liripipe hood. Because that is how I roll. I also nabbed a nice non-magic item-hiding tunic to match (well, white with an amethyst sash!) and a few other niceties, like a ledger case, contract case, a nice ledger, a wrist-worn skinning knife, aaaand a tinker's apron.

But before all of this, I convinced myself to go on the Quelling the Riot adventure, which was a ton of fun. I got to shoot detainees for an hour, smashed a few pots, gathered lots of Grey Raven commissary script, and nabbed myself a moneybelt that holds 150 coins! Just what a budding merchant needs, especially heading off to a festival with thieves lurking behind every corner, table, counter, curtain, suit of armor, and tent. They're literally everywhere. I can't wait to go on another adventure, perhaps the Riot: Aftermath, or even Quelling the Riot again! We'll have to see how the summer goes.

At Guildfest so far, I've only seen one GM-controlled person, Vatari, who plays silly games and gives out badass prizes. I did not win, unfortunately. I did, however, manage to get my first ever RPA! 5 points to Griffyndor! Er, I mean me!

In other news, I can now successfully complete hard carving work orders, which gives me a boost to my money making potential. Just in time since I need to make some serious cash make even more cash. More to come!


Wednesday, May 6, 2015

The first plat...

Howdy again!

So we're a few days into the great escape to DragonRealms, and things are going swimmingly. I'm adjusting to the DR 3.0 experience changes decently. It's odd to have all of these skills I'm used to just... gone, and combined, and so on. In a way, it's nice. Crossbows is crossbows, Stealth is Stalking and Hiding, Locksmithing is Lockpicking and Disarming... Training them is a bit easier as multiple things train them!

I've done the seemingly-impossible and managed to scrape together my first platinum Kronar. Brilliant! It turns out that sleazy louts are rather lucrative. One box had 8 silver Dokoras in it, which converts into almost a gold by itself. A whole gold in a single box! Wowzahs! I've also been switching back and forth between rats and louts to train skinning vs. locksmithing. I can't kill them all fast enough though, there's always more and more. Which isn't necessarily a bad thing.

Louts also drop coats and cudgels, which I can collect and sell to the pawn shop for a few bronze total, but more importantly it teaches me scant amounts of Trading. Mags has told me to move along, so I'm "capped" out at 17 ranks. Not even enough for Circle 5! Ah well, we'll get there eventually.

'Til next time!


Sunday, May 3, 2015

And now for something completely different...

I'm declaring GSIV F2P a complete failure.

It is just not feasible to actually play the game with the constraints on the account. I realize that it is meant to be an "introduction", but don't tout it as free to play when it is really just... well, I'm not even sure WHAT it is, but it sure as hell isn't free to play.

Aardwolf is free to play.

Iron Realms Entertainment is free to play.

This... psuedo-micro-transaction system where you aren't even a third-class citizen, more like a crash test dummy or something, is not free to play. On the surface yes, you don't have to pay to "play", but if I told you to go play soccer with a deflated ball and half a net in the middle of a dump, would you *really* consider it "playing soccer"? I didn't think so.

So instead, I'm going to set out on a different path. DragonRealms.

But wait, isn't this the same thing!? Not exactly.

Their F2P version is a bit better, you're more like a second class citizen instead of a dump-dweller. But I'm going full-monty. I subscribed. Because I wanted to be a trader.

Well, more specifically I used a random-character generator type thing to determine personality, etc., and a Trader is what fit best. So that's what I'm going to be!

So far, so good. I remember very basic things like "Go to Arthe Dale to train Athletics!" and "Sell firewood to Mags!". But, we'll use this blog to detail this return-to-newbiehood in DragonRealms and see how hard I crash and burn.